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Shamanic Healing

Ancient tools for modern-day  practice - where Psychotherapy meets Native American Earth-based Spirituality & Siberian Shamanic Healing.


Why this combination? Because Native American Spirituality is focused on personal development, having an exact understanding of the human psyche, they practice with almost scientific accuracy on the effects of emotions on the mind, the body, the spirit - the whole system. 

Thus, our entry point into working with the entire complex of mind, emotion, body & soul is through the painful events that occurred in deep past & current life. 

Healing Sessions include authentic ancient techniques.

Healing tools are herbs, drum, rattle, guidance from spirit keepers, helpers and ancestors

Below are listed some of the healings I offer: Click on the images to find out more

Soul Retrieval
This is a healing to call home a missing soul piece.
Where there has been trauma, there is likely to be loss of parts of the soul. This is a form of splitting off, where parts of the 'self' leave due to lack of safety. When the time is right, I carry out a ceremony to call these parts back home and reintegrate them with you.

Then one may experience the strength of wholeness again.
Extraction of Intrusions
This is a healing for the removal of Intrusions. Intrusions are energetic manifestations that collect in our energy field. They are out-dated attitudes and behaviours that may be getting in the way of how you now want to live.
Ancestral Ceremonial Meeting
I hold a ceremonial space for a portal connection with your ancestors. Meetings for agreements to change the present are often whats needed.
Cord Cutting
Ceremony cutting and clearing away connections with others that no longer serve us
Body Mapping
Where there has been trauma there is a whole body impact that is absorbed through the whole system.
This technique releases the trauma from its anchors in the physical body and the energetic body fields.
Chakra Clearing & Re-Alignment
Our 7 energy centres govern all aspects of our Self in life.
1 The Base - Balance
2 The Sacral Centre - Mothering & Fathering Ourselves
3 The Solar Plexus Centre - Who I am.
4 The Heart - Love.
5 The Throat - Communication
6 Third-Eye - Thought
7 Crown - Spirit
As we live, our energy points become distorted & blocked, often creating real physical illness.

This is a strong re-invigorating experience that stands you up and fills you with the best sense of balance and light possible.
Power Animal Journey
Meeting your Power Animal is often a profound moment with deep meaning that continues to unfold for many years. Walk with your power animal always at your side.
Death Doula
I work as a Guide for people who are moving on from the physical world.
Psycho Pomp work accompanies the soul through the Bardo offering Support and guidance during the 40 day journey through the Bardo passage. With Fire ceremony & preyer, candle and drum journey visits after Passing.
Very helpful in cases of sudden death or death from long term drug or alcohol addiction.
Forgiveness Ceremony
For couples wishing to bring healing into their relationship through forgiveness
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Ancestral Ceremonial Meeting

I hold a ceremonial space for a portal connection with your ancestors. Meetings for agreements to change the present are often whats needed.