Red Tent - Moon Lodge

"In many North American native tribes, menstruation involved a strong oral tradition, rituals, ceremonies and more. Many tribes believed women were more powerful, spiritually, during their periods – and that they even had special intuitive powers. Some Native American tribe members would call upon menstruating women for their advice, insight, guidance, or to connect them to higher powers. Since women tend to mense together, these lodges were often quite full and the women inside we encouraged to engage in some serious “girl time” by discussing female issues and indulging in creative pursuits like storytelling and arts and crafts."


I am called to create this gathering space for women.

The purpose of the Red Tent is to come together to tell our stories, to hold space for each other who come to commune gently with one another in sisterhood.





In the power of our circle, we can achieve great things. The Moon Lodge is the women's lodge - specifically for communion during menstrual time, but also of the grandmothers, those who have reached menopausal years, and who have become steady gazing eyes of intuition in our communities.


My vision is for our lodge to gather to create regular fire ceremony (about twice a month), drum circle, and healing circles of mutual sharing.


This can be a rich tapestry including sharing of food, singing, drumming, medicine story sharing, healing sessions, gong baths, fire ceremony, cozy blanket snuggling, with grandfather fire ever present in our circles...


Meeting when: One day a month near full moon, plus another, shorter meeting at the time of dark moon for ceremonial fire work.


Online: Zoom meetings are very effective, and allow for intimate comm-unity.

Venue: The Hobbit House (?), Living Well Centre, Sancreed.