individual psychotherapy     £30 - 75 
decided by day or evening rates & income
(60 mins)
(Average based on £30k - £50 daytime, £70 evening)
couples session
double individual rate - decided by day or evening rates & income
(90 mins)
Average £90 per 1.5 hour session

family systemic constellations place

family constellations issue-holder

One-day workshop                                           £45

family constellations Representative

One-day workshop                                           £25

family constellations
bi-weekly on-going group member

3 hour                                                                 £10

shamanic therapy

shamanic session 
£25 - 45 per hour
ecology constellations representative

One-day workshop                                           £32

Your name will be added to: Shamanic Fire Ceremony, Munay Ki Initiations, Systemic Constellation Workshops and / or Shamanic Training Group events