My Approach


I see clients for psychotherapeutic coaching online on Skype & Phone.

In my Cornwall-based practice, I have one-to-one sessions in individual & couples therapy, Shaman Therapies & Family Constellations Groups.

As a psychotherapeutic coaching mentor my job is to witness what has happened, without judgement of my client.  I guide clients to the root cause of problem areas with compassion - it is often surprising We take time to digest. Holding them in a safe, confidential space while they approach difficult emotional issues, I come from an empathic place in myself, offering support throughout each session. My commitment is to supporting my clients create meaningful change in their lives.

The foundation of my approach is Humanistic, meaning that the human experience my clients bring is what is worked with. As well as holding them through the process of unravelling their concerns, I bring them to make contact with body-mind through Gestalt work. Additionally, mindfulness practice supports the process of discovering hidden emotion.  I also support with Systemic mentoring, making movements towards change. Two-chair & Anger work are also vital parts of the process.

My clients do the work, while I hold the space, guiding them to understand what they are working with, offering insight, education & encouraging emotional integrity.

I am solution-focused, meaning that I do not believe in long-term commitment to therapy. Rather, I prefer to be of service to bring life back on track in the best possible way. However, this process is different for all individuals, and my support is unconditionally offered, no matter the length of time required.