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At no time before in history has mankind ever turned toward making changes in his personal life like now. 

Everything has changed - family, friends, love, sex, marriage, home, work, religion, education... No longer do we fit our traditions, our cultures and our status norms. It is the first time in the history of family life, perhaps even in your family, in the history of cultures around the world, that people in their early twenties and all ages, of all creeds, of all nations and classes are turning to psychotherapy for help. You are probably the first person in your entire ancestry that reached out for support to create real change in life, hoping for a better future. 

Modern life perhaps does not meet our needs and is not as fulfilling as we had hoped.  More and more people have developed addictions of all kinds, live in a hyper state and high stress levels. This is a period of intense feelings, intense change and an intense sense of unknowing.  Creating change in the world we live in can happen and will happen, simply by choosing to make changes for yourself. It starts with our movements towards seeking help for ourselves. 

Modern life may leave us feeling there is no point, life is empty, everything is meaningless and there may also be additional feelings we live with privately, doubting our self-worth, not understanding where we stand socially or in our family and deeply wanting to feel like we are wanted and we belong. I want to hear your story. I want to support my clients to share what has been going on, what has affected them, what has not worked out and where they are. 

The psychotherapy I offer is the beginning of a journey with yourself. Your story, your journey. It's an adventure into who you didn't' know you were. All the feelings you didn't know you had. Its about coming to understand the experiences you remember, in a new, better way. It is an opportunity to get to find yourself below the surface. I call it archeology. When we find something important in your story, we gently brush away the dust to reveal what it is more fully. In this way, we uncover hurts, angers, emotions, traumas of all kinds. 

These 'wounds' forming the basis of some of our thinking keep us stuck. When we focus on them therapeutically,  we are able to find relief, release, relaxation and revitalisation..​

So many r r r r's! They can lead to a healed and happy sense of self and a liberated life, freeing you to truly live the life you dream of. ​​​

"Who are you to not be ALL that you are?' Nelson Mandella
"The cracks are where the light gets in..."  Leonard Cohen
"You are more valuable than the sun and the stars put together...  investing in yourself is worth every penny.."   Nadia Hosein
About me

Practicing psychotherapy for 10 years in the real and online, taking my Humanistic training one step further with understanding that therapy changes people, I developed my focus on who we are before entering therapy (as a Humanities Cultural Studies lecturer, teaching psychoanalysis); what happens on the other side of therapy (shamanic spiritual development) and what happens during therapy (currently authoring a book). 

People always had a fascination and central focus to my life. Studying and supporting them has been a life-long passion. At 6 years old I was taking plasters to school in case anyone hurt themselves. At 49 I was manning the phones at New Scotland Yard therapeutically supporting the general public through the 7 July London Bombings. 

I offer a confidential, empathic, practice that includes coaching to inform and educate, as well as compassionately supporting every aspect of my client's personal life. Taking my service Online in 2010 enabled me to leave London and live in  Cornwall!


Clients are invited to come online for therapy meetings. I will supportively guide into best therapeutic practices. I was trained to meet in a practice room, however over time I learned how to create the best version of a session on a computer screen. 

Clients whose weekly home/work life varies every week due to working abroad, regular relocation or shifts, or juggling different schedules with family responsibilities have all been welcome. Now my online practice serves best during the time of Covid. Going online means I can 'go' with my clients, rather than them coming to me.

Working together
An initial confidential 30 minute phone consultation offered to assess your needs. Free of charge
I invite you to a phone conversation to make initial contact. The call will be FREE of charge so you'll be able to say something about whats troubling you. You'll also get more idea if you'd like to work together. I hope to see you on the other side and begin this magical process of transformation together. This is my passion and I look forward to working with you. 
PS My PRICING has been dropped to make therapy available for more people to £35 per session for lowest income groups
Its good to talk...