The Munay Ki - Powerful Love

The Ancestors in the field of sacred knowledge. Without it they would never have survived eons of living in the rough world.

For centuries they have been watching us, the Day Keepers and Earth Keepers - and they have begun calling us to come forward, to step up to the altar of the Sacred and re-initiate ourselves on the path back home, the path of healing in order to gain access to a life without pain and a life lived in pure love 

The MUNAY KI story

During the Qero people's festival to the Pleiades star constellation known as the Qoyllur Riti, (in which the people walk 5 kilometres up the Colquepunco Mountain to collect snow which is then distributed amongst the people for its sacred powers) in 2012 something extraordinary happened.    While in the mountain an Earthquake erupted which revealed a cave never before seen, the cave was lined with Gold. The Qero shamans had been warned to expect a sign, and on seeing this they understood Mother Earth was speaking. 

They understood that they were to become Mother Earth's emissaries and undertake the mission of bringing their Munay Ki sacred rites to the people of the West.     When they had deliberated and organised themselves to do this, they were sent to an archeologist of shamanism, who was working at the foot of the mountain and approached him. His name was Alberto Villoldo.      Alberto worked for many months with the Shamans perfecting his knowledge of the Rites. He then took them home to the USA and taught them there. 

My teacher, Chris Waters, was taught by Alberto Villoldo. Chris went on to create Spirit of the Inca shamanic centre, working closely with the Qiero Indian Shamans of the Peruvian Andes herself. Each year Chris leads retreats into the Sacred Valley with the Shamans. And they visit UK from time to time. 

I was given the Rites by the Qero Shamans in Peru and again in the UK, and was taught to teach and transmit the rites by Chris Waters. 

Rite 1 - The Healer's Rites

This Rite launches the healing process at an energetic level. It awakens ones ability to heal so that as we heal we are able also to bring beauty to others.


Rite 2 -  Bands of Power

3-2 weeks after receiving the Bands of Power we begin to dismantle outdated forms of protection unconsciously introduced into our lives. They provide us with a luminous protection that allow us to walk fearlessly in the world.

Rite 3 - Harmony Rites
These seeds will begin to shift the heavy energies, residues of former lives, the residues of trauma that have settled in the walls of your chakras.

Rite 4 -  Seer's Rites

You will be able to perceive the world of energy that surrounds us. The seer is the witness that all spiritual traditions talk about. 

Rite 5 - Daykeeper's Rites

The daykeeper is able to call on the power of the great power places of the planet to heal and bring balance to the world. The day keepers are the protectors of Mother Earth. 

Rite 6 -  Wisdomkeeper's Rites

This rite reestablishes your relationships to the heavens and to the father. These rites are associated with the ice covered mountain peaks. 

Rite 7 -  Earthkeeper's Rites

Connection to the lineage of archangels that are guardians of our solar system.

Helps you dream the world into being.

Rite 8 - Starkeeper's Rites

After you receive this rite your physical body, your DNA, begins to evolve into that of Homo Luminous-  the ageing process slows down, and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. After you receive these rites you acquire stewardship of the time to come.

Rite 9 - God Creator Rites

These are the rites that awaken your God nature. After receiving this rite you acquire stewardship for all of creation from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. 

9 Weeks

Munay-Ki Initiations

The shift from who you are now to who you can become begins with each new Rite, as it imprints sacred alignments from the EarthKeepers of the Incan Shamanic Tradition - gifted from Mother Earth to call her children home. 

This is an opportunity to receive the Munay Ki Rites over 9 weeks. 

Receiving 1 Rite per week offers the initiate the time to fully receive the experience of the Rite arriving energetically into their system. 

Initiates can expect to experience emotional, mental and physical changes as recalibration and rebalancing occurs. 

What to expect from the Initiations: 

The key to the Rites is the Pi Stone.

This will be gifted to you. 

You will receive essential teachings to guide your understand and an in-depth conceptual compass as we navigate the Incan Medicine Wheel which guides us along the healing pathway.

For more information, dates and booking enquiries contact

or call 07751305143


Receive the 9 Rites 

9 weeks of Initiations 

October - December 2020  4 hours, £47 per week


9 months Shamanic


September - June 2021 1 day, £87 per month

Shamanic Training

September 2020 - June 2021

I feel honoured to be manifesting this training at this time of change. Mother Earth, Spirit Guides and Keepers of the Teachings are calling for this work to be brought forward. Spirit is recruiting! 


The training being offered is for those who are ready now to step into a strongly guided Shamanic path. Meet with your spirit guide & power animal and begin an evolutionary journey.


The Training:

We will meet one weekend each month for 9 months from September 2020 to June 2021.


Each meeting prepares us for the time to come - receiving the rites, the guidance and teachings to create personal inner balance and balance on the Earth. This balance is created inside each of us, as we walk the path of our own personal healing.


Walking in strength and balance supports the Earth to shift into harmony as we become more aligned with ourselves, enter the mystery of who we are, we enter the process of coming into alignment and closer to the spirit of the natural world. Mother Earth and the Ancestors are beckoning to us to gather and begin.  The time has come.


The Munay Ki initiations are transmissions received from the Upper World, from the Keepers of the Munay Ki.

Over 9 months each of the Munay Ki rites will be transmitted with teaching guidance, instructions and teachings on how to perceive each new resonance. Discussion time will be part of each meeting assisting us with sharing and appreciating our new  emergences as we become deeply, poignantly aligned with nature of spirit and spirit of nature.

The advantage of receiving one new rite each month allows the integration of that rite to be uniquely experienced.  We are able to fully witness our emergence. After each transmission has been received, we gain the opportunity to notice the unfolding and emergence of new parts of ourselves, new vision, new senses, new perspectives of life through our minds and hearts.

The Munay Ki are high frequency transmissions that once received, work on our energy fields on-goingly. They prepare and align us for the sacred work of holding our children's future in brightness and balance while transitioning us into homo-luminous (the next evolutionary step of Homo Sapiens) and the future time to come on planet Earth. The pathway is through our self-healing journey. 

This 9 month training will include ceremony, transmissions and teachings in:

- Daily Shamanic Practices

- The Medicine Wheel

- Munay Ki transmissions

- Munay Ki integration exercises

- Despaccio Fire Ceremonies

- Self-Healing Teachings and Practices

- Light body practices 

- Shamanic journeys

- Earth-based spirituality

- Shamanic healing practices

- Shadow into Light

- The 8 Chakras - teachings and healing

The training will take place in

South-West Cornwall, starting in September 2020. 

For more information, dates and booking enquiries contact or call 07751305143


The training will be facilitated by Nadia Farah Hosein, a Shamanically trained psychotherapist, since 2008 with Judith Hemming, Chris Luttichau & Chris Waters.

" I am humbled and grateful to my teachers."       Nadia Hosein

What people are saying about this facilitator and receiving the Munay Ki rites:

‘Nadia is an instinctive, dedicated and skilled Shamanic practitioner with a passion for life and a courageous heart.  An old soul who has traveled and triumphed her own challenging personal history. I wish her well on her path of service, with gratitude for the times she has been there for me in my own times of need in the past.”

N.S Shamanic leader, Little River

"I recently completed the Munay Ki rites with Nadia and found the whole experience to be deeply fulfilling and timely for me. " MH

"Nadia has held space for all who come in to this training 
I feel very privileged to have received these rites and I am becoming calmer, stronger and more of who I really am.
Thank you Nadia" DO

"What an honour to receive these Rites. So much has shifted for me since receiving them - Im amazed and I feel stronger, brighter, clearer, even my illness has started going away! Its profound!" AN

"Nadia does a great job teaching the rites and holding space. I feel she is a powerful teacher who has become illuminated - I found the teachings insightful and relevant and I am already integrating them into my life." JS

"Every time I received the rites a massive transformational shift happened... Im so grateful. Thank you Nadia." LA

"I love my pie stone and the resonances that Im walking with now. Thank you so much." KB

"Meeting and working with Nadia was a pleasure - she was in touch in another realm the whole time, and the resonances of the rites have transformed my life." JP

"Nadia is a powerful healer and teacher".

Chris Waters, Spirit of the Inca