Couples Therapy

Couples Counselling

In my work with couples I look at how the love is organised in the partnership. Who feels excluded or unheard and how they are getting their needs met. This is a process which opens up clarity about what works and reveals areas which need more care and attention for both individuals involved. The process of sharing is the first, essential experience for both to witness, and from there we are able to establish where the relationship wants to go and how that may happen. I support a client-led process during which I can guide the session to resolution for both people.

Ideally both partners will be able to be present for sessions. If not I am willing to work on an individual basis.  However, as an individual client, the focus will be on yourself in your relationship. 

Both partners will be asked to step into self-responsibility & honest communication.

My specialism is in healing broken bonds.

It's often difficult to know where to start when a couples relationship begins to feel frayed at the seams.

If you are seeking help to resolve conflict or find resolution to any other problem in your relationship, that is the first sign of great care.


If you are in a relationship where one or both partners are experiencing a need to bring things out in the open?

I am here to witness you both, to hold and support you both. 


 Many of us are not well versed at negotiating conflict resolution, and anger, stress or frustration can create additional problem areas where one partner may have pulled away or have shut down

I am skilled in anger management techniques and in Conflict resolution techniques.

These are two key areas, most couples find the ability to sit and be in a calm, controlled and respectful environment brings tremendous support for their needs.

7 fore street, st just,

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skype: nadiafarahosein

Tel: 07751-305143

Mon - Fri: 7am - 9.30pm

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