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Many forms of Couple now exist. Partnerships have taken on many styles, such that we may find ourselves without guidance on the path to improving our relationships. 

Cultural conventions with modern pressures can create a feeling of isolation in which both parties may be feeling stuck but dont know where to turn for help.

The current models for couples support are ground-breaking and insightful...

We will look at what works in your unit and what does not work so well, how money and responsibility is shared, aligning the love that is present in the best way for both partners and nurturing understanding for both partners.

Communication is the foundation - on which Relationship grows.  When a relationship is out of the honey-moon period it begins to mature. At this stage old sabotaging behaviours can creep in with destructive patterns or complex feelings and thoughts. 


My Couples Coaching approach as taught by Judith Hemming of CSC - in the Family Systemic Counselling  model is a facilitator's role.  As a facilitator,  I guide couples through a held process of interactive contact, intervention-making, contemporary theoretical approaches & direct partner to partner contact.


I work together with my couples as a team, within which you are both invited into a structured holding, of truth-speaking & listening. 






Most of the time we aren't really sure how to truly support the other. This idea is central to development  in Couples - learning how best we can support the other while also attending to our own needs in a relationship is where our learning might be. It often takes negotiation, but through the right kind of alignment couples tend to naturally open up into the best version of ourselves out of love, without too much 'trying'.


Guiding theoretical perspectives includes insight from teachers of wide-ranging schools of practice and focus such as David Deida and Bert Hellinger - shining light upon men and women and their needs.

I am passionate about Couples Coaching - it is a unique journey into the dynamic arena of relationship with 'self and other' and how I can best guide and support through crisis to the best outcome for both.

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Freud said "There is no such thing as love, there is only similar neurosis." So we may understand from this that we have chosen the right partner to help us and we to help them to see, feel, care, think and support each other through our process of clearing feelings from the past which are now affecting the present.  

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In my work with couples I look at how the love is organised in the partnership. Who feels excluded or unheard and how they are getting their needs met. This is a process which opens up clarity about what works and reveals areas which need more care and attention for both individuals involved. The process of sharing is the first, essential experience for both to witness, and from there we are able to establish where the relationship wants to go and how that may happen. I support a client-led process during which I can guide the session to resolution for both people.

Ideally both partners will be able to be present for sessions. If not I am willing to work on an individual basis.  However, as an individual client, the focus will be on yourself in your relationship. 

Both partners will be asked to step into self-responsibility & honest communication.

My specialism is in healing broken bonds.



My partner and I were held in an incredible informative process. Nadia helped us see one another better and this brought us into a better quality of relationship all round. ..


I was amazed at what can be done in a session.  Nadia is bold and compassionate. Her style is encouraging and enlightening.  From the moment she stepped in I felt she knew what she was doing and we were in safe hands.  I totally trust her direction.

Her sessions always  aligned us for the better.  


As a couple we are close but we were doing things that didnt work for us.  Nadia helped us with insight into the family and how and why we were acting as were were. We worked with her in individual psychotherapy which was amazingly helpful. 

All-round it was money very well-invested!