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Flower Of life Therapy offers alternative therapies, life coaching and counselling for our clients in 

We offer all our sessions to clients throughout the UK

Clients are invited to meet online for therapy meetings. I will supportively guide you into the best therapeutic practices. I was trained to meet in a practice room, however over time I learned how to create the best version of a session on a computer screen. 

Clients whose weekly home/work life varies every week due to working abroad, regular relocation or shifts, or juggling different schedules with family responsibilities have all been welcome. Going online means I can 'go' with my clients, rather than them coming to me. We take on clients across the whole of the UK and have an already growing client base in Hampstead, Finsbury, Bankside and the rest of central London.

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 How long do I need to be in Therapy?

It's impossible to say without first discussing your needs, Generally, the length of therapy is decided on your needs and your budget.

Do I need previous experience with therapy?

No, not at all, I welcome clients who have never had a therapy experience before to clients who have lots of previous experience

What if I don't understand what to do?

Don't worry, you will be supported from our very first interaction, I will support and coach you through every process.

Are there benefits to online therapy?

Yes, you can now have your therapy session anywhere that suits you, anywhere in the world and at a time that works for you.

How much does therapy cost?

We base our prices around your current budget. We want to make therapy accessible to everyone, your budget should not be a barrier to help.

How long does a therapy session take?

I work on a flexible system that operates from 60 mins to 90 mins. The session time will be dictated by the level of coaching needed.

have you tried therapy before?

If you have had a bad experience or lost hope with therapy, call Flower Of life Therapy for a humanistic approach in Hampstead.